Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the technique to promote any product
or services in the social media platforms.

Social media marketing is the technique to promote any product or services in the social media platforms. As the type of social media rapidly grows the chances of the social media advertising also grows with it. Now a day our morning starts with checking the social media updates. Some people also take seriously their social media profile much bigger than the reality. Social media profiles also influence the person’s status in some aspects. From there the need arise for managing the social media profiles. The social media marketing also competes with the e-marketing and print media marketing simultaneously. The social media marketing works in various different ways like profile targeting, trend analyzing, trend making, hash-tag (#) creating and profile orientation etc. The new tool to promote the product, company and public figures is Social media marketing. Normally the Service oriented Social media marketing is not used in contemporary terms. This type of marketing is more useful in people oriented version of publicity.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

The urge of social media marketing comes with the involvement of people. The importance of social media marketing can easily find out in the field of mindset building and public image building. The Hashtags are the best way to build the recent trends. The social media as works man to man and variety wise, it is the most useful medium for marketing and trend setting. The social media profiles of Public Figures works generally with management teams and particular strategy to image creating. The companies associated with the views of the Public figures can also associate with the Social profile of that individual. Most companies builds and manages their own social media profile in intend to promote the positivity with their followers. Trend setting is the key to product/ service promotion in the era of recent social media marketing.

Types of Social Media Marketing

There are many social media platforms present now a day like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, Hike, WhatsApp, Google+ etc. There must be different marketing strategy for different Social media platform. Almost all social media works on the trend setting strategy. Anybody can use the Hash-tags to create any particular trend for a particular cause. There are also strategies for VIRAL issue marketing. The most followed subjects can go viral by using social media marketing strategies. The key to promote an issue and make it viral is to target the right audience by picking appropriate issue. The atrocity of strategy varies with types of social platform and relevance of the content.

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