Term & Condition

We welcome our entire publisher to our online money making portal a2zadwords.com, Here making money online is very but there are some rules that needs to be followed while working online:
  • Be on the top of Industry
  • Same ads from different account cannot be viewed from single IP.
  • To get more bonus please click on the ads found on the ad views page.
  • User will get 10 Rs on successfully viewing all 30 ads daily else they will not get 10 Rs. If they forget to view any single ads.
  • One account can add 20 team members only.
  • On adding 20 team member on your account, account holder will get 200 bonus in their wallet.
  • Account holder can free to manage their team through account dashboard means they can add delete their team member.
  • Father account will get 12% of the amount work done by their child account and additional 12% amount will be equally divided earned by grandchild.
  • Every father and child account should have to be active before 3 days from the date of withdrawal of the money.
  • Bot traffic is strictly prohibited if found account will be suspended and payout will be stopped.
  • Payout will be accepted on every 30th day of each month.

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